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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security (also referred to as IT Security) is the practice of protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business assets and systems. The term is broad-ranging and applies to everything from computer security to disaster recovery and end-user education

Cyber Security is a series of business processes and security technologies to safeguard the protection of your intellectual property from malicious threats and attacks

Current state in New Zealand

The number of reported Security breach events rises significantly each quarter in NZ. Despite most businesses not bothering to report these events – the trend is unwavering and shows no sign of slowing down. Bearing in mind that the vast majority of businesses do not report security breaches, financial losses are still in the millions per quarter and although difficult to quantify the reputational and operational impact is significant

New Zealand businesses understand that Cyber Security is important and you’ve all heard horror stories about various attacks and even accidental data leakage here in NZ – however, the “out of sight – out of mind” mentality still exists and businesses still do not protect themselves sufficiently … if at all

When it comes to Cyber Security you’re only as strong as your weakest link

How can we help?

Being a Cloud Service Provider we know a bit about Cyber Security … in fact, security is our number 1 priority and it will remain so

Our Security expertise, principles, policies and technology that is applied to our own hosted Cloud Services can be deployed to your own IT systems and services providing a robust, managed security solution

We believe Security is a process – a mix of people, business procedures and technology striving for continuous Security improvement. It is not a one size fits all approach, nor is it a set and forget exercise … it requires a rhythm of monitoring, reporting, upgrading and testing to ensure you remain protected

Cyber Security risks are here to stay – businesses should be focused on proactive threat detection and prevention rather than reactive remediation of attacks

Quality Cyber Security involves people, process & technology … it is about defining internal business policy, educating end users, deploying appropriate security technology and having your Security monitored, maintained, reported on and managed to ensure you remain proactive, current and secure

Contact us today to discuss your Cyber Security, understand the likelihood of a potential security breach & what can be done to avoid this occurring

    STROBE Cyber Security Services

    Cyber Security Risks

Potential Security gaps are broad and varied – here a few common attack vectors and Security challenges

IT Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure … physical & virtual networking services & appliances

Firewall … misconfiguration, insecure perimeter devices, insecure DMZ, remote access, EDI

End Point … client PC’s, mobile devices, BYOD, malware, ransomware, antivirus

Database & Operating Systems … Servers, platforms, middleware, SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting

Physical Access … lack of physical secure access controls, Internet of Things (IoT)

Software & Applications

IT Lifecycle … patch management, system updates, lack of compliance with updated security standards

Application Code … software source-code exploits

Computer Standards … lack of a PC Standard Operating Environment with non-compliant software and version controls

Web Applications … brute force attacks, CMS logon, DDoS, API security

People & Social

Phishing … & credential harvesting, spam, social engineering, impersonations, hacktivism

Internet & Email misuse … lack of web content management and filtering systems

Education … lack of end user education and security awareness, lack of business policy and governance

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) … accidental data loss or external leakage, employee data theft

Business Processes … lack of on/off boarding processes, lack of IT change control

IT Administration

Authorisation … privileges, permissions and systems administration abuse, untrusted 3rd party access

Authentication & Communications … lack of encryption, lack of password complexity, password policies, password storage management and user account sharing


Its nothing personal … small, medium or large – hackers don’t discriminate. The majority of hacking is automated using Internet bots and automated tools to discover and penetrate vulnerabilities. So you’re right – in almost all cases it’s not a targeted attack against your business but rather anyone that can be exploited

It’s a good start but it’s really nowhere near enough if you’re taking Cyber Security seriously. Its important to understand the various attack vectors. Any device or system that is Internet facing is potentially a security risk. The list is broad and includes: Servers, Networks & Network devices, VoIP systems & IP phones, Email, PC’s, Applications, Databases, ISP, Wi-Fi, Websites, Smartphones, IP cameras, IoT devices and the list goes on … so, keep up the good work with Windows patching but keep in mind that only covers a very small piece of potential risks

Give us a call and we’ll meet up for a no obligation, free chat about your business. You’ll quickly understand we cut out the jargon and focus on providing solutions to security challenges that customers can understand

Phishing (pronounced fishing) is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from a trustworthy source in order to induce individuals to reveal sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and payment card numbers, online. Phishing is often associated with spam emails.

Yes, we offer anti DDos services to prevent these DDoS attacks. They are a common occurrence and can target a variety of systems and services

This is a common challenge. Small IT teams simply can’t be experts in all aspects of IT and Cyber security is one of those speciality skillsets that typically isn’t up to scratch. We’ve got plenty of options to assist on this … from one-off discreet projects to ongoing managed security services and anywhere in between.

We have 2 Security specialists who are CISSP certified. The rest of the team live and breathe IT Security … given we’re a Cloud Service provider, Security is paramount for us and our customers … it truly is baked into our operating rhythm and is always at the forefront of each design, solution and operational discussion

Give us a call or send us an enquiry in the first instance. We’ll arrange to meet up, discuss your business, your people, processes and technology and plan an audit to baseline your current position and risks. We’d obviously crack on with remediation immediately if you had existing issues

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