Web Hosting

  • Lightning fast SSD Web Hosting on enterprise class hardware

  • Secure, reliable, high performance NZ based hosting

  • 99.95% uptime

  • 24/7 Security monitoring & support

  • cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin management portals

  • 100% STROBE owned & operated on our High Availability clusters

STROBE … high performance web hosting since 2001

Experience our super reliable web hosting with outstanding performance & expert technical support


Choose from Linux, Windows or VPS Web Hosting … powered by CloudLinux & managed by leading control panel portals … cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin

Web Hosting Features





  • Free setup & domain transfers

  • Free cosmetic changes

  • Unlimited Internet data

  • Money back guarantees

  • SLA’s

  • Lightning fast SSD Hosting

  • NZ based enterprise hardware

  • High Availability Servers

  • LAMP Stack

  • Dedicated IP Addresses

  • cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin

  • FTP access

  • Access to raw logs

  • PHP options & support

  • Flexible plans

  • DDoS protection

  • Security monitoring

  • SSL Certificates

  • Plugins & CMS Patching

  • Secure daily backups

Host whatever website you like … business sites, eCommerce shopping sites, blogs, brochure sites, web apps … whatever size, whatever framework, whatever requirements

Open source hosting, no proprietary platforms or frameworks

Several current & legacy PHP versions to choose from to ensure compatibility with your site

Any Content Management System, any Framework, any language, any platform

Web hosting accounts include a back-end login to view your services, billing, contact details, support history and account information

Free cosmetic changes and assistance with technical matters or we can help with website maintenance and security upgrades

See our Web Development offers or speak to us for your website design and development requirements

Email Hosting


  • SPAM & Antivirus Filtering

  • Webmail

  • Aliases & Forwarding

  • Catch All

  • Auto-responders

  • Hosted on High Availability Servers

  • Daily Backups

STROBE offers a professional email product that is easy to use from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, it’s completely secure

If you’re using an email address using businessname@gmail.com then stop … it doesn’t look professional. It’s super quick and cost effective to start using an email address that matches your domain name

We offer unlimited email addresses, a great range of features and its all hosted on our secure high availability clusters

    Microsoft Office 365 Management

We provide all aspects of support and management for the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications

Exchange Online email in particular requires IT administration to get the most out of the product and ensure you’re utilising some of the more advanced functionality

We provide Microsoft Office 365 managed services for medium and large Office 365 deployments with Windows Active Directory integration

Microsoft Office 365 managed services inclusions

Tenancy setup, configuration & DNS Changes

Licensing procurement and registration

Microsoft Teams setup and support

Microsoft SharePoint setup and management

Resource sharing & collaboration

Exchange Online email migrations

End user support

Domain Names

  • Make your business appear more professional, trustworthy & credible

  • Unlimited DNS changes included with Domain name registration

  • Free transfers

  • Free unlimited sub-domains

  • Hundreds of top level domains to choose from

A domain name is unique to every business and is quick to set up

Your business can’t afford to be without a domain name regardless of whether you drive business through your website

A domain name will instantly make your business appear more professional, trustworthy and credible

There are literally hundreds of top level domains (TLD’s) available today … the choice is endless so you’ll definitely be able to find a domain name that is a good match for your business. Have a chat to us about all the possible domain names available or use the following domain name checker as a first step to check on availability

All domains registered with us include unlimited DNS name record changes. It’s not necessary but it’s common practice and saves time to have your domains registered with the company hosting your web site and email services

Is your domain registered elsewhere? We can manage those domains too and we offer free domain transfers

To enquire about your new domain or to move your domain to STROBE contact us today on 09 366 0878

SSL Certificates

  • Secure your web site with 256 bit encryption

  • 99.9% ubiquity … 99.9% guaranteed to work with web browsers for desktop & mobile

  • Fast issuing & install

  • Range of advanced SSL features & functionality

  • Secure customer information with browser to web server encryption

  • Improve your SEO … Google rank SSL enabled sites

The days of not providing secure HTTPS connections are long gone … it’s now a must have as sites that don’t have SSL Certificates installed are perceived as not safe and not reputable. Google drove the uptake of SSL certs when they recently started negatively ranking sites without SSL Certificates … effectively penalising web sites for not being secure

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a network security protocol for establishing an encrypted connection between a web site and a browser. In order to create an SSL connection a web site requires an SSL Certificate … this ensures that all data communicated between the web site and browser is private and secure

Servers also require SSL Certificates where HTTPS connections are required … 99.9% ubiquity, 99.9% guaranteed to work with web browsers for desktop and mobile devices

There are a few varieties of SSL Certificates … the base level cert is satisfactory for a lot of web sites but it’s important you understand what is available in order to make an informed decision

Types of SSL Certificates

There are 3 main types of SSL Certificates available are distinguished by their validation levels and subsequently their price points

Domain Validation (DV) certificates represent the entry point for SSL’s. In most cases a DV cert is sufficient

Organisation Validation (OV) certificates are the next step up from DV and take longer to verify business information. An OV SSL displays the same as a DV SSL, but provides a way for your customers to check your verified business information in the certificate details section

Extended Validation (EV) certificates require extensive business verification. An EV SSL displays your organisation’s name next to the URL in your browsers’ address bar

SSL Certificate Functionality

The 4 different types of SSL functionality are: Single Domain, Multi Domain, Wildcard and Multi Domain Wildcard

These options vary slightly in their functionality and number of domains and sub-domains you need to secure

We deal with SSL certificates every day so get in touch and we’ll provide a recommendation on the most suitable SSL Certificate type and functionality to meet your requirements


Yes, we provide either cPanel or Plesk management portals

All sites and databases are backed up daily – so are the servers the sites reside on. You can also run your own backups if you like

Yes, we provide a customer portal where you can view your support ticket and billing history, access knowledgebase and modify your account information among other options

No, we can cater for any type of site and PHP version

Yes, you can run scripts, programs, cron jobs and automated tasks on our servers

Yes, all domain names are registered under the customer’s name

Yes, there are now over 1000 different top level domains – you can register any type with us

Yes, this is a simple process we’d be happy to assist you with – no charge

There is a grace period where you can renew (90 days for .nz domains) We would chase it up to confirm you wanted to renew your domain regardless

Yes, you can use webmail or your preferred email client

You can if you like but a personalised email with your business domain name is a lot more professional looking … eg. sales@strobe.net.nz looks a lot more professional than sales.strobe@gmail.com

Both are methods for receiving email from our Email servers but which one you use depends on your requirements. With IMAP emails are stored on the server – whereas POP3 stores email locally on your PC. We’d recommend using IMAP so emails can be synchronised and accessed from multiple devices such as a smart phone or tablet

Certainly, regardless of the email client – we can help get you up and running or assist with any email changes

Its best we manage this for you – there is a bit involved and its important to not break anything

It’s likely 1 or more of your web site resources (such as images) are linked to a non HTTPS address – we can help update those links so your site displays as secure

Domain Validation (DV) certs can be purchased and installed the same day typically. Organisation Validation (OV) usually take 2 days and Extended validation (EV) certs take around 10 days due to the more stringent registration process

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